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About me

From when I met my first spirit guide, I became self-taught in order to strengthen my abilities. I practiced witchcraft for a very long time.

Afterwards, I worked on my clairvoyance and clairsentience by meditation and getting in touch with my spirit guides daily. It helped a lot, however, taking in the elements of nature is what really made me stronger and confident in my technique. My spirit guides were a bit frightening at first, but I reassured myself that I was blessed with this gift and to embrace it.

As I got older, I took the chance and got in touch with being a medium. Contacting loved ones who have passed away has truly been one of the most remarkable things I've done for my clients.

I have also taught myself how to do chakra balancing and aura healing.

I've got to the point where all of my visions, the things I hear and pick up are all extremely accurate and clear to me. Because of this, you will not hear a prediction from me unless I'm sure of it.


Here is a sample of the spells I can cast

If you find yourself slipping away from the one you love, my love spells can help strengthen your love and ensure that it lasts. I also work on issues surrounding the relationship in order to keep the love strong - such as communication problems, distance, trust issues or infidelity.

If you wish to create love with someone new (or from the past), Please contact me explaining this further. Please be advised that you'll be getting loyalty and long term love from these spells, so if you only wish to have a fling or something short term, ask about a different spell.

I believe that in our lives, we all have the one who is meant for us. Our path may change, but in the end what is meant for us will always find its way. There are some exclusions to this, but overall, there is someone for everyone. If you find yourself unhappy with the current love interests in your life and want to meet your soul mate, please consult me to discuss this further. Pricing depends on how soon you want to meet your soul mate and the initial time it'd have taken without my help.
Looking to get back with someone from the past? Whether you're looking to rekindle an old flame or get back in touch with a friend, I have plenty of spells to suit your needs. I've helped with bringing an ex back overnight in some cases, while others take up to a few weeks depending on the estimated time of reconciliation without the spell. Please do keep in mind that moon phases do matter heavily when it comes to this spell, so when you ask is definitely important.
These are mostly done when the problem is relatively complicated or if you need multiple things covered at once. If there are certain things you desire and you need results faster than usual, this is the best route. It's also easy to combine two types of spells this way and throw in a few extra things. I have a large assortment of potions, herbs, oils, crystals and candles to suit many situations.

If you're looking to attract someone new or someone in particular, this is the spell for you. I also have spells that attract multiple people to the client and give them options, so if you feel like you're still searching for the one and want to pick and choose before making a final decision, this is also good for you.

There are multiple types of attraction and depending on whether you want to go with long term dating/short term dating/flings, etc is very important because the person(s) you attract from the spell will want what you want them to. This must be clarified during consultation.

For a lingering person or entity in your life. There are plenty of times we have somebody who is jealous/wishes bad for us and sticks around too long, or there can be times when we're being unfairly targeted by someone and feeling uneasy about it - this is not only people, but spirits too. In order to completely banish them from your life and ensure they no longer come around and affect you, a banishing spell is required. Client may be instructed to do some things but not anything too difficult (if required). Afterwards, a spell for protection is the best move in order to keep yourself safe.
Are you worried that you may be cursed? Please consult me to discuss this. There are plenty of signs that point towards magic with ill intent being done, however like any spell this requires a lot of looking into to see the true depth of it all. This can also be done for correction if a spell has backfired from a different spell caster. It's also recommended to get a protection spell afterwards to prevent anything from coming in afterwards.
Curious to know how someone feels about you? Wanting to know if you'll reconcile or if a current love interest is worth the effort? Whether your questions are similar to these or not, as long as it's related to love or relationships I can shed light onto the situation and advise you. I offer honest guidance, accurate time frames and let you know everything I'm getting from all sides, not just what I feel/sense but also what I see and what I hear in their mind. I am always deeply connected to you and whoever is involved before proceeding. Follow up included.
An in-depth outlook on what's in store for love, career, luck, assets and everything in between. There is no question that's too far out for these types of readings, anything goes and staying on only one topic is unnecessary. I have my spirit guides readily available to clarify any visions I get or anything I'm sensing in particular to ensure that you're getting the most accuracy possible. I don't sugarcoat, however, I always make sure that my clients exit with an uplifted spirit and an understanding of what I am predicting and explaining. I leave out no details, I'm a blunt reader but I'm also very gentle and do not leave out the extras for the sake of being blunt.
Wondering whether you're getting a raise? Wanting to know if there are better opportunities out there? Allow me to clear your mind and put you at ease. I will let you know all the possibilities for you to succeed and which paths require what actions. If you want to know about where your career is going, I can also explain that in depth for you. All things related to career strictly are covered in this reading. I offer time frames, advice and a follow up. Please note that I'm not a fantasy reader and will not give you false hope on any level, that's not my style - so if you hear something that makes you unhappy I do apologize but will tell you everything I'm sensing in a gentle manner.


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